LLTC 2019

The 6th Language and Language Teaching Conference

November 2019


English language learning involves critical thinking and creativity. Accordingly, the Sixth Language and Language Teaching Conference (LLTC 2019) held by the English Language Education Study Program of Sanata Dharma University is to provide a venue for academics and intellectuals throughout the world to share ideas and to boost collaboration, synergy and knowledge enrichment in order to enhance learners’ critical thinking and creative aspects.


General Theme: English Language Education

Specific Theme: Generating critical thinking and creativity in language learning

Topics include but not limited to:

  1. Autonomy in language learning
  2. Creativity and innovation in language teaching
  3. Critical thinking in language learning
  4. Cultural issues in language teaching
  5. English entrepreneurship
  6. IT in English instruction
  7. Literature and English teaching
  8. Project-based learning
  9. Teaching language skills and elements
  10. Variety of world Englishes

Other related topics will also be considered.